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The reported response to statement on my facebook page neither addresses nor disagrees with the issue I raised. Instead, it restates the usual personal attacks and misrepresentation of what is said.

Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and UPND have my good wish in the Zambian election campaign. But let us restate the points I raised, whose message is simply that the Barotseland issue is too serious to continue being used as a Zambian election door mat.

1. I pray that we shall not continue to entertain campaigners for personal or partisan political offices to playing and cheating over Barotseland. Aka or no aka, someone has responded that “Barotseland should not be used as a doormat for entry into Zambia’s State House.”— This is my prayer; I do not purport to command how/whether it is answer. This is up to the Barotse people, authorities and organisations, who have their own representatives, and among whom I do not count myself.

2. During the run up to President Kaunda taking over as Zambia’s Prime Minister-cum-President and UNIP forming government, they signed the Barotseland Agreement 1964, only to abrogate and dishonestly condemn it. Aka or no Aka this is a statement of fact, and proof of it is available and it is condemnable! Therefore, is stand by it

3. During 1991 presidential and parliamentary election campaign President Kenneth Kaunda promised (in a formal letter to the Litunga Yeta the Fourth) to solve the Barotseland issue and even pay for Barotse Government lawyers, but only to continue criminalizing even speaking about the Agreement. Aka or no Aka this is a statement of fact, and proof of it is available and it is condemnable! Therefore, is stand by it

4. During the 2011 elections President Michael Sata promised (in public rally and mass media) to restore the Barotseland, Agreement, only to contemptuously renegade and turn Barotseland into an armed police state with never ending arrests and judicial terrorism against even children. Aka or no Aka this is a statement of fact, and proof of it is available and it is condemnable! Therefore, is stand by it

5. Now, during the already set electioneering and in the midst of chaos caused by taxi drivers offered free fuel by a campaigning presidential candidate and his political party, it is reported that there is campaign promise to solve the Barotseland issue!! Of this statement it was reported, subject to confirmation, that a presidential candidate and his political party, it is reported that there is campaign promise to solve the Barotseland issue. I did not in my statement name the presidential candidate or the political party – because there was a possibility that the reports may not have been accurate.

But, as it is said, “Impila ya Mushi…..!” (Unless one is the addressee, one does not answer to public address accusations!) Now, the Barotse Post has since posted that “Zambia’s United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema is reported to have … promised to find a lasting solution to the Barotseland question when UPND and forms government in 2016 if elected in the Zambian presidential and general election”

And the open letter addressed to me has stated that “there is nothing wrong with Mr. Hichilema stating that a long lasting solution should be found for the people of western province”

I agree, just as I agree with anyone stating that a long lasting solution should be found for the people of Palestine or for people living with cancer. My concern is with the reported statement that this lasting solution is for “when UNDP forms government in 2016 if elected in the Zambian presidential and general election.” On my part, the statement is alright if it is honestly not tied to anyone being voted to form government or winning election, and not a forked hook for fishing Barotse votes.

AKASHAMBATWA MBIKUSITA-LEWANIKA, Namishukwe House, Malo Maya Homestead, Liambai Road, Mongu-Lealui,


nchitoFIFTY-FOUR Barotseland activists who were facing a charge of treason have been set free.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito yesterday entered a nolle prosequi against the remaining 54 activists.

There were initially 84 activists held for allegedly agitating for the breakaway of Western Province from the rest of Zambia, but 30 were released last month.

State prosecutor Grace Sanduke told senior magistrate Aridah Chuulu when the matter came up for mention yesterday that her office had received instructions from the DPP’s chambers to enter a nolle against the activists.

This was in a case in which Clement Sinyinda, a former Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) prime minister, and 53 others were charged with treason.

Magistrate Chuulu then informed the activists that the instructions from the DPP’s chambers to enter a nolle prosequi merely meant that they should be discharged and that it was not an acquittal.

“Having received instructions from the DPP, I now discharge all of you. This is not an acquittal but a discharge, the State can still arrest you in future if they deem it fit,” she said.

Mr Sinyinda, in an interview, said he was happy that he and others had been set free at last after spending over three months in prison.

Source: Times of Zambia

Lusaka High Court
Lusaka High Court

THE Lusaka high court has transferred from Mongu to Lusaka a treason case involving former Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Ngambela Clement Sinyinda and 83 others.
Judge Evans Hamaundu said in his ruling yesterday that he was changing the venue of the case to Lusaka because it was more convenient than Mongu.
Mr Justice Hamaundu also transferred the detention of the accused persons from Mongu prison to Mwembeshi open prison in Mumbwa.
This is in a matter in which the State had requested for the transfer of the hearing and detentions to Mumbwa court and prisons respectively, citing security concerns.
But the activists led by Sinyinda had objected to the application, saying there were no disturbances that had arisen during their appearance in the Mongu magistrates’ court.
They contended that their relatives and supporters only cheered after court sessions.
Mr Justice Hamaundu said in his ruling yesterday that he had inquired from the Mongu magistrate’s court but he was informed that there had been no disturbances in court.
He, however, said that if the matter was moved to Mumbwa as was requested by the State, it would mean that the accused persons would be required to appear in Kabwe where there is only one court room and would in the process affect other matters.
Mr Justice Hamaundu further said that he was changing the venue to Lusaka because there were several courts with many judges who would handle two or more parallel court sessions.
He said Mumbwa was good for accommodation of the suspects because of the Mwembeshi prison which was more spacious.
Mr Justice Hamaundu said “trial is convenient here in Lusaka so I have changed the venue from Mongu to Lusaka”.

Source: Times of Zambia


Emmanuel Mwambawith the Litunga and VP in the background
The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has described the transfer of Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba as a remarkable gain for the nation but a sad loss for Western for his focused leadership on development.
Speaking when Mr. Mwamba went to bid farewell to the Litunga, Lubosi Imwiko at Lealui Palace, Induna Inete stated that a dark cloud hang over Western Province when the transfer was announced. He however stated that the BRE has embraced the decision of Mr. Mwamba and trusted the wisdom of President Michael Sata to give him other responsibility.
AND speaking later at a farewell party at Mongu Trades College Hall, held in the honour of Mr. Mwamba, BRE representative, Induna Kalonga Siisii stated that the Permanent Secretary was a vibrant and energetic leader who worked beyond the call of his duty.
Induna Kalonga Siisii stated that the BRE appreciated his focus on government development initiatives. He said that although MR. Mwamba only came to the province in February 2013, his name will be spoken about in the province for many years.
He said that his visionary leadership and his open door policy ensured that many people from stakeholders were able to see him and resolve community initiatives.
He thanked President Michael Sata for ensuring that resources were shared to provinces for the first time in the history. He said that Western Province was now enjoying massive development programs and Mr. Mwamba took time to let people know about the government initiatives.
He commended Mr. Mwamba for reviving the cashew project in Western Province and for helping re-align agriculture programs so that the focus shifted Livestock, fisheries and wetland crops.
Induna Kalonga said that he hoped that the new Western Province Permanent Secretary, AmosMalupenga will adopt the agenda of development with enthusiasm. He said Mr. Malupenga was a seasoned administrator in his own right and hoped that he would use his experience to the benefit of the province.
The function was attended by district commissioners, senior government officials, businessmen and many Mongu Residents.
Last week, President Michael Sata transferred Mr. Mwamba to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting swapping him with Mr. Amos Malupenga.

upndUnited Party for National Development (UPND) National youth Chairperson Likando Mufalali has called on government to make public the report of the Rodger Chongwe led commission of enquiry on the Barotseland Agreement.

Mr Mufalali who is also Senanga Member of Parliament says government should make the report public for the Zambian people to know the findings of the commission of enquiry.

The Parliamentarian wonders why the PF government has not honored and resolved the issue of the Barotseland Agreement as promised during the 2011 campaigns.

Mr. Mufalali has since urged the PF government to ensure that the Barotseland agreement issue is resolved amicably.

Source: QFM



copPOLICE in Mongu have picked up a 50-year-old teacher for alleged involvement in the production of seditious material.
Western Province Police chief Lombe Kamukoshi and provincial Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed the development yesterday.
Ms Kamukoshi identified the suspect as Masialeti Masiye, a teacher at Sioma Secondary School.
Ms Kamukoshi said the suspect, who was on the run, was apprehended at Kasima village near a site where a stadium would be built in a house of a witchdoctor identified as Chibi Namakando aged 37.
Police managed to corner the suspect on Wednesday night who was also involved in last week’s protest.
“Police last night (Wednesday) picked up Mr Masiye who was among the people on the run after being involved in last week’s protest. He was found being sheltered by a witchdoctor in Mongu,” Ms Kamukoshi said.
Police also apprehended the witchdoctor, while the search for Afumba Mombotwa who was alleged to have circulated a video showing him being sworn-in as the administrator general of Barotseland was still on.
At the weekend, Mr Mwamba suspended four civil servants that were allegedly involved in last week’s Barotse protest.
The four were Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) public prosecutor Muleta Kalaluka of Mongu, Community Development officer, Mutaba Mutaba, District Works supervisor, Lawrence Mukena and Mr Masiye in whose house the purported administrator general allegedly made a video of the swearing-in ceremony and address.
On August 14, 2013, Linyungandambo chairperson, Mr Mombotwa was alleged to have circulated a video of the swearing-in ceremony.
The video of Mr Mombotwa, which was shot in Sioma was made available on the internet blog sites, the Barotse Post and Barotse Radio on August 15, 2013.
The four suspended officials allegedly acted with the 45 protestors that were arrested on the August 15, 2013.
Of the 45, nine were arrested in Mongu and another nine in Senanga, while 27 were arrested in Kalabo following a synchronised public demonstration.
The 45 were mostly members of the Linyungandambo association.
Police confiscated banners, Linyungandambo identity cards, fliers, CDS and other documentation.
All those arrested would appear in court for plea on September 3, this year.

Source: Times of Zambia

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